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We really felt the magic at this Harry Potter Fan AirBnB in Salem, writes ANDREA BEATTIE

Themed AirBnB’s aren’t a new concept, but doing them well enough to impress even the most diehard of fans is another thing entirely.

This Harry Potter Fan AirBnB, walking distance from downtown Salem, features three themed rooms from the Harry Potter Potter universe – Harry and Ron’s Dorm Room at Hogwarts, the Dark Lord’s Chambers and the Fantastic Beasts Room.

Each room is so well decorated and presented that they look like they could’ve been part of the film sets.

The Harry Potter AirBnB owner, artist and author, Hope Carpenter bought the house about seven years ago, and soon after opened as an AirBnB, but with a modern American ‘Martha Stewart-esque’ vibe.

She then decided she wanted to make the AirBnB a bit more fun, so settled on the Harry Potter theme. The Gryffindor Common Room is brilliantly appointed and there’s even a witch and Dumbledore to greet you. You can tell that Hope has extensive experience in the toy and game industry as this room is full of fun and whimsical treasures — paintings from the film, a great bookshelf illusion and even a sorting hat and Hogwarts chair– and then there’s the owl collection, which really does add some authenticity to the scene.

Hogwarts Dorm Room


Harry and Ron’s Dorm Room has two single beds and they are so comfortable! The entire room is painted and furnished like the room in the film — you really feel like you’re spending the night at Hogwarts here!

The Fantastic Beasts Room


This room is so peaceful and comfy … it’s like sleeping in a rainforest, surrounded by beastly friends, all handmade by artist Hope. The ceiling and private bathroom have all been painted to create the illusion of the great outdoors, and it looks absolutely incredible.

The Dark Lord’s Chambers


This was the last addition to the AirBnB and it’s just stunning. With two single beds, the room features an incredible ceiling/cloud effect … that changes colour! It’s also super comfy and features some awesome handmade works of art.

Want to visit?

If you’d like to stay at the Harry Potter Fan AirBnB, you can check out the availability and rates here.

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