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Want to know how to make your own Halloween decorations and props? You’re in the right place … we can help you creep it real!

From tombstones and haunted graveyards, to creepy props and freaky friends, if you want to learn how to make your own Halloween props and decorations from the best in the biz, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be adding new content and projects to this page all the time, so keep checking back creepsters!

Creepy skulls


Who knew you could create awesome skulls from old juice bottles? We did, and we can show you how to make a whole pile of them!

Tutorial by Daniel Cooper of DAC’s Nightmares, Twisted props and SFX


Bloody innards

DIY innards

Need some blood and guts to bring some colour to your Halloween display? Same! With this simple DIY, we’ll show you how to make them.

Tutorial by Jessica Anderson of Nateyfoofoo


Mummy dearest


Need more Halloween friends? We mean, who doesn’t?! With this awesome ancient mummy DIY project you can make your own.

Tutorial by Halloween DIY Queen Sarah Wherry


Candle centrepiece


Create this amazing candle centrepiece for your Halloween party, or be like us and just keep it on display all year ’round because it’s awesome.

Tutorial by Jessica Anderson of Nateyfoofoo


Wicked Makers
DIY Halloween projects

The amazing Jaimie and Jay are based in the US and create fun videos about how to make random and awesome stuff! They also have a massive obsession with all things Halloween, so we’re super happy to be collaborating with them and sharing their brilliant content.

Scream animatronic

Create a life-like Ghostface animatronic from Scream, using a mask widely available here in Australia too!

Pirate fountain

This pirate drinking skeleton prop was inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Create awesome webs

Take your spiderweb game to the next level this Halloween using this amazing beef netting.

Make a giant spider

Make a giant spooky spider with chicken wire, spray foam, and absolute terror.

Glowing ghost

This glowing ghost prop is insanely cool looking and VERY EASY to make!

Make a Halloween portal!

Be the envy of your neighbours with this amazing portal in your front yard!

COVID-19 Candy Slide

Help save Halloween in your street, restrictions permitting, with this awesome socially distanced treat or treat candy slide!

Realistic Scarecrow Jack o'lantern

Take one of these cheap plastic Halloween store jack-o-lanterns and turn it into a professional looking prop.

Graveyard skeleton

How to take a basic skeleton and turn him into a gravecrawler with a completely portable (and storable) mound of dirt.

Skull candy props

Turn basic plastic skulls into these realistic-looking Halloween props! It starts off a little rough but ends up coming together!

Make your own tombstones

You’ll be the envy of the graveyard with these realistic tombstones, made out of foam!

DIY Halloween Mummy

Learn how to make a life-sized, realistic mummy using simple materials and with barely any tools required.

Witches cauldron

Jaimie and Jay create an incredibly awesome bubbling witch’s cauldron with glowing coals for their Halloween decor!

DIY Halloween fence

Learn how to make a homemade Halloween fence from cheap, simple wood and tools you probably already have!

Swamp lights

Learn how easy it is to make homemade solar Halloween lights that are affordable, stylish, and will last for years and years.

Skull prop

Simple, fast, and inexpensive DIY Halloween props that will take your Halloween decorations to the next level!

Fog chiller

Simple to make, cheap and has a HUGE impact on your Halloween setup!

Countdown clock

Make the awesome Halloween Countdown Clock from The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Prop maker Derek Young


Derek is a Los Angeles-based prop maker, set designer, and scenic painter with a focus on Halloween and haunted attractions.

His DIY videos sre easy to follow tutorials to help take your Halloween props from basic to theme park quality with common materials such as spray paint, salt, hot glue, sand, and craft paint.

Make your own fake corn stalks

These stalks are perfect to make a creepy maze or use as creative screening.

Create a Halloween monument prop

Turn foam, a garden urn and a plastic crow into a fab monument prop!

Simple Faux Rust Paint in a Can

In a hurry and need to rust up some Halloween props? Here’s a super fast approach using two colors of spray paint. Really easy and doesn’t take any special paints.

Realistic Faux Patina Painting

Need to make something look old and weathered in a hurry for your Halloween display? Here’s a quick tutorial on how creating a faux patina using spray paint, water and acrylic craft paints!

DIY Halloween life-size statue with PVC

Short video slideshow of the construction and finishing of “Charlotte,” a static, monster mud Halloween prop statue. Made from chicken wire, PVC pipe and Great Stuff expanding foam.

Making Easy Fake Bricks with Water & Heat

Learn the simple technique to make easy, realistic, fake bricks with insulation foam using water and a propane torch or heat gun for your Halloween haunt.

Halloween Floating Lantern Prop

Learn to make a floating lantern prop for your Halloween display! In this video, we take a look at our self-contained Halloween floating lantern prop using wiper motors, fishing line, and pulleys.

Make Distressed Signs with Salt & Spray Paint

Need to quickly make a distressed sign for your Halloween display, haunted house, or just as decor? In this tutorial, you’ll see the basic steps to follow to create your own distressed sign with basic paints and common craft tools.

Haunted Shovel Prop

Here’s Derek’s take on creating a haunted shovel prop, the perfect addition to a spooky Halloween display!

Creepy Halloween Crypt Made From Foam

Most Halloween displays will have tombstones, but will they have a crypt/mausoleum? If you thought it was too difficult, think again! It’s easy, with limited tools and a bit of know-how.

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