2021 digital Hallozween Magazine

It’s HERRRRREEE! This is an absolutely bumper 113-page digital edition of the Hallozween Magazine has everything you need to celebrate Halloween – wherever you are and whatever restrictions you may face!
This digital downloadable magazine has got …

  • Interviews with Australia’s best Halloween creatives including artists, haunt designers, photographers, authors and more
  • DIY craft and projects created exclusively for Hallozween readers
  • A 17-page shopping guide showcasing the best Halloween stuff you can buy
  • An online shopping directory on where you can find all the stores in Australia selling Halloween-inspired goods
  • A new section where we meet you, the biggest Halloween fans in Australia
  • Recipes, cocktails, costumes, makeup, books, movies, paranormal content and MORE!

As this issue is a MONSTER, the file download size reflects this, so we’ve created two options:
REGULAR (32MB) – mobile phones and devices
ULTIMATE (162MB) – the ultimate desktop viewing experience

Please note: Only ONE download per email address will be allowed, unless you purchase multiple copies, so please decide which size you require before downloading.  If you have any issues downloading your copy, email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to sort it out ASAP. Happy Halloween witches!

IMPORTANT: If you are downloading to a mobile device (phone or tablet) please click here to read instructions on how to save your copy of the magazine to your device before your download it.



The boring but important stuff ….
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About Hallozween:
At Hallozween, you could say we’re just a little bit obsessed with everything dark, creepy, faboolous – and Halloween!

Ever since Hallozween founder Andrea Beattie watched  classic 1978 horror film Halloween at age 8, she’s been fascinated by the spooky season.

Not deterred by the naysayers who say Halloween is just an American tradition (spoiler: it’s not) , we created this site. It’s for everyone who loves Halloween in Australia.

And yes, we know that Halloween is celebrated in a different season here, but we’re not going to miss out on any of the fun!

We also embrace the spirit of everything modern Halloween represents: darkness, mischief and fun.

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