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At Hallozween, you could say we’re just a little bit obsessed with everything dark, creepy, faboolous – and Halloween!

Ever since journalist and Hallozween founder Andrea Beattie watched John Carpenter’s cult classic 1978 horror film Halloween at age 8, she’s been fascinated by the spooky season and everything it represents.

Not deterred by the naysayers who say Halloween is just an American tradition (spoiler: it’s not) or that Halloween in Australia is just starting to catch on, we created this one-stop site for everyone who loves Halloween in Australia. And yes, we know that Halloween is celebrated in a different season here in the southern hemisphere, but we’re not going to miss out on any of the fun it brings!

We also embrace the spirit of everything modern Halloween represents: darkness, mischief and fun.

Filling an Aussie void

Andrea created Hallozween with partner and fellow journalist Cathy Anderson after noticing there wasn’t a high-quality, dedicated site for Australian-based Halloween lovers. So they created one!

While Hallozween doesn’t give you instructions on how to conduct your own Pagan rituals at home (yet), we’re your one-stop resource for everything you need to know about celebrating Halloween in Australia – from carving Jack O’lanterns and making your own Halloween props and decorations to trick or treat etiquette, spooky party food and which Halloween movies to watch, we’ve got it covered.

And in the Hallozween store, we also have amazing horror movie, vintage and kids’ Halloween badges, classic movie posters and a great selection of the best reusable Halloween decorations.

We ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

On home soil, the Hallozween team are regular visitors to Melbourne’s Black Rock House and MayDay Hills Asylum in Beechworth, Victoria and have also conducted paranormal investigations at Pentridge, Point Cook and Altona Homesteads and the incredible Aradale Lunatic Asylum in Aradale.

When they are not writing for their boutique content creation agency Ginger Brown Digital Content you can usually find Andrea watching horror movies with her furry BFF, Billy the Blue Heeler, while Cathy covers her eyes in the scary parts.

Hallozween is a community for like-minded fans to chat, collaborate and share ideas to celebrate the spookiest and best holiday of them all! We’d love for you to get involved! Bookmark the site, sign up for our enews (we regularly offer giveaways!) and join our Facebook community by liking the Hallozween page and joining our group.

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