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Want to know what happens on a paranormal investigation? Paranormal investigator Sarah Chumacero tells all.

If you are a fan of TV shows such as Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like to go on a paranormal investigation – if you haven’t already been!  More than ever, there are different paranormal experiences ready and waiting for you to explore, but what can you expect?  What is the difference between a ghost tour and a paranormal investigation?  Read on!

Ghost Tour VS Paranormal Investigation

Locations usually offer two kinds of tours: ghost and paranormal. On a ghost tour, a guide is usually dressed in a costume and shows you through the place, talking about the history.  It is not uncommon for them to ‘scare’ you with loud noises and jump scares, and while this can be a fun night out, many people are left wanting more.  They want to actually communicate with the ghosts of the past. 

They want to use the equipment they see on their favourite shows and use phrases like “Knock once for yes twice for no”.  This is what a paranormal investigation is all about.  It’s your chance to ask a question and potentially have it answered back, confirming what you have maybe believed all along; that spirits walk among us.

Who attends paranormal investigations?

All different types of people are attracted to paranormal investigations, from those who are curious fans of paranormal TV shows, through to psychic mediums and experienced investigators who are gathering evidence to prove the paranormal exists. Sometimes there are groups of friends who want to experience an investigation together, and then there is always that one poor partner who has been dragged along! 

They are usually the ‘skeptical one’ who leaves at the end of the night excited and converted after a profound experience they couldn’t explain!  People often meet and make lifelong friends at an investigation, as they are all bonded by their love of the wonderfully weird things that many of their family and friends don’t understand.

One thing is for certain, everyone is welcome at a paranormal investigation!

What happens on an investigation?

You can never be sure what to expect! The word ‘para’ is a prefix meaning outside of, so paranormal means anything outside what is considered ‘normal’.  A lot of people are quite shocked when they attend their first investigation.  For some, it can be  a real opener and quite different to what you see on TV, which is usually edited to make it look eventful and exciting with non-stop activity. 

In real life, it doesn’t quite work that way.  Some nights involve a lot of standing around, waiting for something to happen!  We all have days where we don’t feel like talking to someone, and I like to think the spirit world is very much the same.  Just because you want to talk, doesn’t mean they do. 

Your night is usually led by someone with plenty of experience investigating, so you don’t need to worry about what to do.  Their approach often varies; some guides are psychic mediums who communicate what’s happening for them and what they’re tapping into,  while others use electronic equipment to show you that the spirits are there.  And some prefer using old school techniques such as table tipping and Ouija boards. 

If you’re interested in a certain kind of investigation, make sure you contact the host beforehand to check they’re open to it.

Sarah Chumacero

Sarah is a paranormal investigator and author.


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