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Branching out

Why use that Christmas tree only once a year?

Just like decking the halls and trimming a tree at Christmas, creating your very own spooky tree is becoming a popular Halloween tradition.

The beauty of creating a Halloween tree is that there are no rules – it can look any way you like! You can adorn it with spooky ornaments, tinsel and baby pumpkins, hang seasonal cards or mementos on it, or just cover it with some cute Halloween lights. 

While some believe the idea of a Halloween tree came from a Samhain tradition in which families hang ornaments and tokens that remind them of loved ones to draw their spirit to the home, most know it from Ray Bradbury’s 1972 fantasy novel The Halloween Tree.

All you need is an old Christmas tree painted in your favourite Halloween colours or a DIY decorated branch from your own backyard.

But why stop there? Our fabulously talented friend Clara has also created patterns for these AMAZING vintage Halloween tree ornaments exclusively for Hallozween readers so you can make these yourself.

You can download the patterns from her website FREE here.

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