Branching out

Why use that Christmas tree only once a year?

Decorating a tree for Halloween is another fabulous way to express your love for your favourite holiday (sorry Christmas! Oh, and we’re stealing your tree). A Halloween tree can be anything you want it to be … adorn it with spooky ornaments, tinsel and baby pumpkins, hang seasonal cards or mementos on it, or just cover it with some cute Halloween lights. 

Where did the Halloween tree idea come from?

While some believe the idea came from a Samhain tradition in which families hang ornaments and tokens that remind them of loved ones to draw their spirit to the home, most know it from Ray Bradbury’s 1972 fantasy novel The Halloween Tree.

And if you didn’t know about them, now’s the time! A Halloween tree can be a repurposed Christmas tree, a specialised tree (Big W sells black ones which are perfect!), a gorgeous bare tree, or just a decorated branch from your own backyard. Whatever makes you happy! Plenty of stores stock spooky decorations, or you can make your own.

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