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Mechanics Institute


“The energy here is calm, peaceful and, at times, playful … ”

The history

The Lancefield Mechanics Institute, located in the town of Lancefield, Victoria, has a rich history that dates back to the mid-19th century.

Established in 1868, the institute played a crucial role in the intellectual and cultural development of the local community, offering educational opportunities and fostering a sense of community engagement. The origins of the Mechanics Institute movement can be traced back to the early 19th century in Britain, where the industrial revolution brought about significant societal changes.

The movement aimed to provide access to education and promote self-improvement among the working classes. This concept quickly gained popularity and spread to various parts of the British Empire, including Australia.

In the case of Lancefield, a group of local citizens recognised the need for an institution that would provide educational and cultural resources to the community. They formed a committee and successfully raised funds to establish the Lancefield Mechanics Institute in 1868. The building itself was constructed using local bluestone, which was abundant in the region.

What was it used for?

The Lancefield Mechanics Institute offered a range of educational programs and activities. It housed a lending library, providing access to books, newspapers, and periodicals, which was a valuable resource in an era when books were not as widely available. The library allowed individuals to expand their knowledge and keep up with the latest developments in various fields.

In addition to the library, the institute hosted lectures, debates, and classes on a wide range of topics. Local and visiting experts would deliver talks on subjects such as science, literature, and history, enriching the intellectual life of the community. These events were well-attended and fostered a sense of curiosity and learning among the residents of Lancefield.

Over the years, the Lancefield Mechanics Institute played an important role in shaping the cultural landscape of the town. It organised social events, dances, exhibitions and concerts, bringing people together and providing opportunities for artistic expression. The institute also served as a venue for community meetings and discussions on matters of local importance.

Our investigation

The Hallozween Paranormal team visited the Lancefield Mechanics Institute in May, 2023, joining with a group of about eight others. Some had investigated various locations before, but for others, it was their first time.

We gathered in the library area with an introduction of the paranormal investigation equipment hosted by Kyneton Paranormal’s Dolly Adamson, who then led a group Estes session to see who the spirits might be most attracted to in the group, and who would be best to start communicating. We got quite a few words through, and some definite spikes on the KII meters and Ghost Meter Pro.

As with the Kyneton Bluestone Theatre, Dolly has only investigated the location a handful of times, so she’s still determining who is who in the spirit world there, and how they fit together. So far she has identified a handful of child spirits who like to hang out in the far end of the main hall, opposite the stage, (which we lit up with a laser grid) and enjoy setting off the toys and trigger objects there. There’s also a man named Bob opposite the library, near the rear entrance to the hall, and a lady who runs the kitchen.

We did an Estes session in an attempt to communicate with Bob, and did get a “Yeah, it’s Bob …” through the spirit box, but due to the amount of chatter starting immediately after this response, it was hard to decipher any other relevant words, so we moved into the kitchen where Dolly had set up a KII and a Flux 2. We tried an Estes session in here too, and when I asked “who’s in here with us.?” I was answered…  “It’s not me ….” as a response from a male voice. I then asked “well, who is it then?” when a woman’s voice said “Go on, get out!” in a very playful tone, almost as though she was shooing away a naughty child. Very cool! Hopefully Dolly can figure out who she is in follow-up sessions in the kitchen.

Another interesting response was from a new app developed by Amy and Jarrod of Amy’s Crypt, called GhostTube Seer.

Seer is the world’s first AI-powered paranormal tool that combines theories of spiritual communication and manipulation of environmental sensors with the human psyche, mind and interpretation using the power of modern-day artificial intelligence algorithms.

Seer uses your mobile device’s actual sensors to detect fluctuations in magnetic energy, select words from the pre-populated word bank, and an advanced artificial intelligence to produce unique, AI-generated visuals based on selected words.

While using this new app, for which Hallozween was one of the BETA testers, we asked what the hall was used for, and received the image response above almost immediately after asking. The hall had been used for ballroom dances, so it’s a pretty accurate response!

We’d love to go back to the Institute again in future as the energy here is calm, peaceful and, at times, playful. It’s a great location to visit if it’s your first investigation – Dolly supplies all the equipment with explainers on how to use it all too.

You can see details and book upcoming tours or private investigations of the Lancefield Mechanics Institute on Kyneton Paranormal’s Facebook page or website.


Andrea is the founder of Hallozween and a paranormal enthusiast who has visited locations all over the world.


Andrea is the founder of Hallozween and a paranormal enthusiast who has visited locations all over the world.

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