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We had high hopes for our visit to Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in downtown Las Vegas and we were not disappointed, writes ANDREA BEATTIE

Zak Bagans’ haunted museum is actually haunted. Of course it is!

Whether you think he’s ace or that he’s just an overly dramatic actor, you can’t deny that Zak Bagans gets people talking.

The star of Ghost Adventures!, Bagans has toured the world, conducting paranormal investigations at some of the most notorious haunted locations in the world.

So it’s little wonder he’s got a truly magnificent collection of paranormal artifacts at the museum, which has been dubbed the world’s ‘go-to destination for paranormal enthusiasts’.

His collection is remarkable, and unrivalled in the paranormal world. On display at the museum, which we toured for 2.5 hours, he’s got the portal staircase from the “Demon House,” Dr. Jacl Kevorkian’s death van, Charles Manson’s ashes, clothes and a lock of hair, Sharon Tate’s wedding dress, Patrick Swayze’s tooth, haunted dolls Peggy, Robert and Lilly, Ted Bundy’s ski mask, and even the world-famous Dybbuk Box. And that barely scratches the surface.

The museum is really haunted

The 11,000-square foot property in Vegas was built in 1938 was originally owned by prominent businessman Cyril S.

Through the years, hostile spirits — family members who passed away there and whose energy remains — have been rumoured to roam the halls terrorising past occupants.

Some long-time Las Vegans even claim dark rituals took place in the home’s basement during the 1970s.

What happened on our tour

We opted to ‘take our experience to the next level with the RIP ALL-ACCESS tour, which got us an exclusive RIP Badge and lanyard, a Haunted Museum t-shirt, and extended access on our tour, including off-limit areas such as the basement (man, that was heavy with dark energy) the haunted doll room and a really up close and personal look at the Rocking Chair which inspired the Conjuring 3 and other areas the regular tour-goers don’t get to see.

It’s absolutely well worth the extra money to get the RIP Access.

Unfortunately, you can’t take photographs inside the museum which is a fair call as it really would ruin it for future visitors, and do you really want a photo of something that may attach itself to you? Probably not!

We’ll admit that while we were looking forward to it, we were fairly skeptical that visiting the museum would be a good use of limited time in Vegas – but we’ll happily admit we were wrong. This visit was the highlight of the tip!

Zak’s collection is nothing short of astounding, and the tour guides we had on our 2.5 hour tour were absolutely superb. The house itself has a really heavy vibe … and it’s little wonder.

Visiting the museum is highly recommended for paranormal, supernatural and true crime enthusiasts.

Want to vist?

Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum is at 600 E. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104.
Tickets start at $US48.

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