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Noah Schnapp as Will Beyers in Stranger Things
Noah Schnapp as Will Beyers in Stranger Things

It seems like filming for the fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things has finally wrapped, as we wait for a 2022 release date, writes ANDREA BEATTIE

Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers, confirmed that filming wrapped in a recent interview with YouTube user oh so isabella.

“We just finished, like last week,” Schnapp says when asked if he was still filming Stranger Things. “We’re done. We’ve been filming forever. And they’re finally done. They’re putting together another teaser.”


Website CBR reports that filming on Stranger Things Season 4 was originally slated to begin in January 2020 and conclude around August of that year, with a teaser arriving in February 2020.

However, filming stopped in March 2020 due to the pandemic. Production remained shut down for six months, finally restarting in September 2020.

new teaser trailer arrived earlier this year in May, with another following suit in August, just last month. The August teaser confirmed that Stranger Things Season 4 would arrive on Netflix sometime in 2022.

And we are SO there for it!

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