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Pop star Kesha had the San Diego Comic-Con crowd entranced as she spoke about her new series, Conjuring Kesha, writes ANDREA BEATTIE

Grammy®-nominated singer songwriter and global pop superstar Kesha, star of CONJURING KESHA on discovery+, appeared at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday.

It’s not an immediately obvious combination, but pop star Kesha and the supernatural are a match made in heaven. Well, the afterlife at least.

At a recent San Diego Comic-Con panel, the Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter shared her journey to hosting Conjuring Kesha, a series which sees her share her love, and experiences, with the supernatural and other random mysteries.

Looking absolutely badass with a long, dark braid and dressed in a black leather top and ripped black trousers Kesha was joined by rappers Big Freedia and GaTa, who also appear on the ghost hunting show.

Conjuring Kesha follows Kesha as she delves deep into the unknown, along with some of her famous friends and experts in the supernatural, to search for all things unexplainable.

Streaming now on discovery+, Conjuring Kesha is an entertaining vehicle for the pop star to expand her understanding of the universe as she journeys deep into the heart of darkness.

Grammy®-nominated singer songwriter and global pop superstar Kesha, star of CONJURING KESHA on discovery+, with celebrity guests Queen of Bounce Big Freedia and actor and rapper GaTa.

She ain’t afraid of no ghosts

In the six one-hour episodes, she explores the nation’s biggest mysteries, haunted locations and supernatural phenomena with exciting celebrity guests and experts in the unexplained. 

There’s investigating demonic activity at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary with comedian Whitney Cummings to hiking deep into the forests of California’s Mount Shasta in search of Bigfoot with US The Bachelorette star, Jojo Fletcher.

Kesha and former tour mate Betty Who face their fears at a haunted opera hall in Kesha’s home state of Tennessee.

And she converts actor and rapper GaTa into a full-blown believer at one of the most haunted mansions on the West Coast.

Grammy®-nominated singer songwriter and global pop superstar Kesha, star of CONJURING KESHA on discovery+, with celebrity guests Queen of Bounce Big Freedia and actor and rapper GaTa.

Kesha and supermodel Karen Elson film inside an active and haunted lodge affiliated with the notorious secret society, the Odd Fellows and she takes the queen of bounce rap Big Freedia on the ultimate ghost hunt at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia.

At every stop, Kesha and her celeb mates are joined by top paranormal experts – such as psychics Cindy Kaza and Chip Coffey or Bigfoot researcher Ronny LeBlanc – who help guide them through the incredible paranormal activity they experience.

Episode guide

Conjuring Kesha premiered on discovery+ on July 8:
SERIES PREMIERE: “Not Today, Satan” – Begins Streaming Friday, July 8
Kesha and comedian Whitney Cummings dive into the darkness of Tennessee’s haunted “Bloody Brushy,” a closed penitentiary that encaged the worst of the worst. As a result, Kesha is pushed to her limit when she makes contact with a demonic force.

Episode 2: “Songs for the Dead” – Begins Streaming Friday, July 8
Kesha and Betty Who unravel the mysteries of Tennessee’s Antoinette Hall, one of America’s oldest and most haunted opera houses. The deeper they delve into the dark secrets beneath the old stage, the more aggressive the spirits become.

Episode 3: “A Terrifying Truth” – Begins Streaming Friday, July 15
Kesha and actor-rapper GaTa check in for a night of sheer terror at San Francisco’s mysterious Westerfeld House. Is master illusionist Harry Houdini responsible for the electrifying paranormal activity? Is it the satanic rituals and an unsolved murder? They must listen to uncover the truth.

Episode 4: “Into Bigfoot’s Lair” – Begins Streaming Friday, July 22
Kesha takes Jojo Fletcher to Mount Shasta, a supernatural vortex with the most missing person cases of any national park in the United States. They enlist Bigfoot expert Ronny LeBlanc to lead them through the dark abyss in hopes of spotting the mythical beast.

Episode 5: “Kesha Faces Mortality” – Begins Streaming Friday, July 29
Kesha and Karen Elson peel back the curtain on the Odd Fellows, a centuries-old secret society infamous for its macabre rituals and literal skeletons in the closet. But their presence in the lodge soon spurs alarming paranormal activity as Kesha grapples with dark truths.

Episode 6: “Descent Into Madness” – Begins Streaming Friday, August 5
Kesha and rapper Big Freedia face their worst fears at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. The building comes to life overnight spurring violent activity and revealing disturbing truths. Psychic Chip Coffey joins the investigation in hopes of setting the spirits free.

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