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V/H/S/85 is a heart-pounding journey into the grim underbelly of the forgotten 1980s. Unveiled through a made-for-TV documentary, five chilling tales emerge: scientists observe an unusual boy fixated on his TV, kids embark on a lake skiing adventure, a TV crew fights to survive a natural disaster, the early days of VR awaken something terrifying, and a deadly dream is captured on tape. Sinister secrets of the 1980s come to life in a way you’ve never seen before.
An Absolute Blast of Gore, Laughs, Fright, and Mayhem.

V/H/S 94 is an intense emotional rollercoaster as A police S.W.A.T. team investigates about a mysterious VHS tape and discovers a sinister cult that has pre-recorded material which uncovers a nightmarish conspiracy.
5 New Tapes. 1 Nightmare.

Release Date: April 3, 2024
Run Times:
V/H/S/’85 – 110 minutes.
V/H/S/’94 – 113 minutes.

Rating: R18+ – High impact horror violence, blood and gore.

DVD RRP: $29.95
BLU-RAY RRP: $34.95

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