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Wanna talk to ghosts on a paranormal investigation? Here’s the equipment you’ll need.

KII Meter (pronounced K2)

This is a device that electricians use to find live wires in walls. Some believe spirits can affect the electromagnetic field around us while others believe they draw on the energy to make contact.  Investigators often ask spirits to light up the devices to indicate they are around. 

Spirit Box

This device is programmed to sweep through radio stations at a fast rate. What you hear is a loud static white noise which some people believe spirits can use to talk to us.  While you may hear a syllable from a radio station, if a voice comes through, it is often in a loud voice speaking a full word.  Spirit boxes are commonly used on paranormal TV shows.

Digital Recorder

Investigators will use a digital record to tape what is called an EVP session.  EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Investigators will ask questions and upon playback, they sometimes hear a voice responding to the question that they could not hear at the time. It is usually a faint whisper thought to be a spirit.

The most important piece of equipment on an investigation is you!  As humans, our bodies can be our greatest tool.  If we are always looking down at a piece of equipment, we may be missing something happening right in front of us.  Embrace the experience and sit back and trust your investigator tour guide to lead you.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get involved.  If you are feeling something, tell them! Someone else could be feeling it too, or it could be something they are able to validate.  There are no silly questions on an investigation.

When you see your tour guides getting excited, then you know it is something special.  It takes a lot to impress me on an investigation; but I run regular tours at Black Rock House in Victoria, and it never disappoints! You never know what or who might stop by and say hello.


One night I was leading a group in one of the bedrooms and we asked someone to come forward and talk to us. The door then unlatched and opened. We all turned around waiting for someone to walk in, except no one did. I opened the door and looked out in the hallway, no one was there. Years later we still try to recreate this and have never been able to explain it. This is just one of countless experiences that have happened on my tours!

Sarah Chumacero

Sarah is a paranormal investigator and author.


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