Not your everyday portraits

Want to stage a Halloween or horror-themed photoshoot with your friends or family? Sinister Sister photographer Cass Kretschmer is your gal.

In a world full of people trying to fit in and be ‘perfect’, there is something so beautiful in the bizarre and alternative.
I am so inspired by those who own who they are and the things that make them unique.
No one else has lived your life but you, and to expect everyone to conform to one style of life is laughable.
I don’t fit into a stereotypical box; I’m a plus-size bisexual book and film nerd with a passion for blood and gore. I love martial arts, tattoos, anime and food.
Sharing my life with an amazing little boy and a loving husband. You literally cannot contain my personality to one ‘box’.
When I started photography over a decade ago, I wanted to share the way I saw the world, and highlight the beauty in the things some dismissed or considered taboo. During the first few years, like most new businesses, I got swept up in ‘any work I could get’ and while I was busy with family portraits, events and live music, for the most part I hated it.
I think if I had to photograph one more family in jeans and matching white shirts I would have set my camera on fire.
So I took a break.

Creativity calls

During my pregnancy two years ago, like all expectant mothers, I thought about the world I wanted for my son and the way I wanted to raise him.
How I wanted him to feel loved enough to be himself at all times.
A bit like the Addams family who always supported and accepted each other just as they were.
That got me thinking of the amount of people who don’t have someone in their corner to let them know, ‘I see you! You are rocking it! OWN IT!’
I have always loved horror, Halloween and pop culture and to mix these passions with photography was exactly what I needed and a way I could help others express themselves; to allow them to see the beauty in themselves that society may consider unusual.

Smashing stereotypes

My style is not for everyone, just like I’m not. And you know what? That’s OK. If you’re a bit of a weirdo and want to express and capture all the wonderful things that make you unique – I’m here for you.
If you want to ‘fake’ murder your partner or BFF ‘cause they gave you bad advice or they ate your special ice cream, I’m here for that. If you want photos of your witchy side, your cosplay or furry personalities, let’s do it.
If you want to get hella sexy and just express your badass self, definitely look me up. Coming out? I 100% want to celebrate with you.
If you want to dress up, have a tea party, shopping date, or run for your life with your favourite serial killer, horror star or movie monster, I’m your girl. 

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